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Newborn photos are one of the best ways to capture your baby's first moments. Your newborn will have something new to show you everyday. Lets capture those rare moments together! You will not regret making this investment for your family. These photos will live a life time. 

What to expect

Many mothers ask, "When is a good age to photograph my baby?"

The best time to capture these moments are between the age of 7-14 days of birth in order to receive the best results. They are very sleepy and flexible during this week. We will be able to get them into those adorable poses that are most desired. 

The session usually lasts from 2 to 3 hours all depending on how your baby does. I am very patient with the babies to ensure they get all their needs met during the session. Safety is my number one concern. I work slowly yet efficiently with them. They will need time for several feedings, diaper changes and sometimes just to cuddle with mama.

When you arrive we will  have you get comfortable and feed baby. Its best to wait to feed until right before sessions begins (if possible). 

As soon as baby has a full tummy and is settled we will get started. 

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